AcademyCraft 1.0 feature intoduction


It has been 6 months since AC 1.0beta is released. Within this half year, we have collected problems and feedbacks about the mod,
and launched a deep redesign&redevelopement of the mode. Now, AC1.0 is near its completion and is to be released. Here, we will
make a complete introduction to the contents in AC1.0 so you can see what’s new.

1. New Energy System

The Wireless Energy System is a design that popped up in beta version’s developement.
The idea is proved to be very interesting, but many bugs in the beta version and the
inconvenience of manipulating connections has stopped this idea from being better.

Being aware of the point, we have completely redesigned the Wireless Energy System.
The new energy system is MUCH more friendly, and guarantees good play experience without
installing any other energy mods.

– New Energy Generation and Storage methods

In AC1.0, machines use a kind of energy called Imag Flux that is independent of other mods.
At the beginning, you have to gather the Imag Phase Liquid randomly generated underground,
and use the Phase Generator to satisfy the basic needs. When you progress further, you can
craft Solar Generator and the multi-structured Wind Genetator, to support the higher energy

Wireless Energy Node is the central machine to storage and distribute energy. You can link
generators and receivers to a wireless node, and it will automatically transmit the energy.
The node itself also stores a fair amount of energy.

The connections are all wireless. You can use two ways to link your machine to a node:
by using the machine’s link UI or the Frequency Transmitter App (which is mentioned later).

– Wireless Energy Network

The Node makes energy flowing in a small range. However, there is a capacity limit for each
Wireless Node. If you want a stronger generation system, you can link lots of nodes together to
a Wireless Matrix to form a huge Wireless Energy Network. The Matrix will automatically balance
the energy in the network, balance every node to the same energy level (percentage).

 2. Data Terminal

Data Terminal is a bracelet with holographic projection capabilities. It works as your portable
phone in Minecraft. You can use Apps in the Terminal to do all sorts of stuffs.

You can use the Frequency Transmitter app to quickly establish link between machines:

You can play music:

You can change some custom settings and change the key binding:

You can even check out your ability learning progress via the Skill Tree:

3. Ability Learning

The ability learning system has gone through dramatic changes in 1.0.

In AC1.0, You need to learn ability through the Skill Tree UI of the Ability Developer, and each
skill is a node within the Tree. You have to walk through the tree, discover new skills one by

4. Improvements to ability UI and controlling

The new ability UI in AC1.0 makes you able to use and control abilities.

5. Better VFXs and new skills

We have largely enhanced the render effect of AC. You can see much cooler rays and arcs now >)

At the same time, we have added more skills to the three categories: Electromaster, Meltdowner and Teleporter,
which has solved the unbalance problem in a way.

Here’s some new skills in AC1.0:

6. Achievement System

AC1.0 has a complete achievement system, going for a challenge?



7. Cross-mod, cross-plugin and server support

AC1.0 supports the following mods or plugings:

* IndustrialCraft 2: Energy system support
* RF API: Energy system support
* NotEnoughItems(NEI): view of recipes
* Residence plugin: Blocks won’t break in residences


8. Data customization!

AC1.0 uses the Ripple script language from LIUtils to manage skill-releated data, and those scripts are loaded
in runtime. Which means you can edit them to customize the effect of your skill!

We have intergrated server-side script validation. You don’t have to worry about client
cheating by modding scripts (They will be kicked out by server).



That’s about all the new contents in AcademyCraft. Thanks for your guys’ continious support to ACMod!