1.0pr2 new feature introductions

Hi, fellow players of AcademyCraft!

It’s been about 1 month after AC1.0pr1 has been released. Within this month, we have collected various feedbacks about the mod, and have done a lot of work on bugfixes and balance improvements.

Here’s a list for most notable feature changes:

  • Fixed 20+ bugs including unable to craft some important items.
  • Provide support to Residence plugin by AcademyBukkit
  • Completely reset the crafting system and lowered crafting difficulty
  • Adjusted skill data, lifted skill damage and other data
  • Added player ability level’s infulence to skill data. Higher level yields higher damage & other stuffs.
  • New version will be compiled under java 7 and supports JRE7.
  • Special thanks: MineTweaker support by 3TUSK
  • Lots of detail improvements…

All in all, AC pr2 is a update that focuses on detail improvements and stability. The update will ease the gaming difficulty in survival, also make the skills more useful for players.

AC pr2 will be released after some internal tests, probably very soon. Don’t miss it!