About 1.0.0 Update

Hi there, fellow players of AcademyCraft! It seems like that we haven’t been updating news for some time > <

In past few months, there are lots of stability fixes and enhancements for AcademyCraft. Since the mod is reaching an somewhat stable stage,
we decided that next release should be the first formal release of AC.

The next version will not only be boring bugfixes, but also packed with lots of exciting new features, including:

  • Ability Reset
  • New Category: Vector Manipulation
  • Media Customization
  • ……

We are also working on a GUI rework. The new GUI will be cooler, simpler and easier to use.

For DIY maniacs and server maintainers, there is one new feature for you: Skill data customization. We have rewritten the data calculation system,
so that lots of parameters including max cp, skill damage, experience increase rate can be customized.

Since 1.0.0 is a big step forward from last version, we would like to make a video about the mod and introduce its content. Please give us your support then! >3

As always, thanks for your continuous support to AcademyCraft, and get ready!





Lambda Innovation,