AcademyCraft will be ported to Unreal 4 Engine

Dear fellow players of AcademyCraft:

Just now, we have made a very important and meaningful decision for AcademyCraft: We will port AcademyCraft to Unreal 4 engine!

With support of great visual-oriented feature of Unreal 4, we are able to create a huge, immersive sandbox world under the theme of superability.
We have completely re-implemented Minecraft’s world-gen mechanism in Unreal 4, and is able to import any other mod written in vanilla forge into
the engine. We currently call the new version AcademyUnreal.

For now, we have finished overhaul of most skills in AcademyCraft. To make things better, we have decided to add an important new feature:
You will now be able to interact with lots of characters in Academy City including:

  • Kamijou Touma
  • Misaka Mikoto
  • Shirai Kuroko
  • Accelerator
  • Index
  • ……

AcademyUnreal will be a really exciting adventure. Are you ready to alter the reality in the brand-new,  super detailed world?