AcademyCraft 1.0.1

Several enhancements & bugfixes.

Required Forge version: 1.7.10- or higher




LambdaLib 1.2.0 Download

Main Mod:

AcademyCraft 1.0.0 Download




  • Add GUI for energy bridges (#325)
  • Update ja_JP.lang to newest content
  • Improved desc of Storm Wing to tell that it breaks blocks


  • Fix Basic&Luck Mining ray crash. (#327)
  • Fix Metal Former doesn’t save inventory (#324)
  • Fix Metal Former can’t cycle mode properly with some mods installed (#321)
  • Fix Metal Former’s mode cycle direction (#331)
  • Fix Metal Former and Imag Fusor sound still playing when broken
  • Fix Teleporter critical hit crashes game
  • Fix opening WindGenBase UI doesn’t block further action (#316)
  • Fix clicking on some stacks in UIs will cause them to be dropped out immediately
  • Fix wireless users lost connection on world reload
  • Fix phase liquid doesn’t generate in other worlds (e.g. Multi world plugins)