AcademyCraft 1.0.3

AcademyCraft 1.0.3 brings about lots of enhancements and bugfixes. The Vec Deviation/Reflection skills are rewritten to improve use experience.


  • Matter unit can now put Imag Phase Liquid into world
  • Set of metallic blocks & entities is now configurable
  • Data Terminal’s UI now shows current time


  • Implemented hopper pulling behaviour for Metal Former & Imag Fusor
  • Improvements for VecDeviation/Reflection
    • Changed texture of wave effect
    • Change to switch on-off style of controlling
    • Make list of affected entities configurable
    • Cancel knockback if absorbed all damage for Reflection
    • Fixed no exp increase for Reflection
    • Added screen-space effecct


  • Fixed logo in MisakaCloud not showing completely
  • Fixed NEI recipe support display for Metal Former & Imag Fusor
  • Fixed some typo in data config file
  • Fixed experience calculation for Magnet Movement and Dimension Folding Theorem skills
  • Fixed ElectronBomb’s effect not displaying
  • Fixed teleportation of surrounding entities for LocationTeleport
  • Fixed some potential issues about CP/Overload consumption


Required Forge version: or higher

Dependency: LambdaLib 1.2.2 Download

Mod: AcademyCraft 1.0.3 Download