AcademyCraft 1.0.4

AcademyCraft 1.0.4 brings about some enhancements and bugfixes. The skills of electro master are rewritten in scala and improved for using.


  • Which worlds are able to destroy blocks are configurable when you disabled block destroying
  • Now Vector Manipulation category has its own achievements


  • Correct some typos in config file
  • Rewrite Electro Master category in scala language and use Context, a better util to process network communication


  • Fixed paintings and item frames damaged when disabled block destroying
  • Fixed Vec Reflection/Deviation can’t reflect EntitySmallFireball or EntityLargeFireball
  • Fixed Vec Reflection/Deviation reflects Experience Orbs
  • Fixed Data Terminal app count always 0
  • Fixed skill effects of Electro Master is invisible when playing MP


Required Forge version: or higher

Dependency: LambdaLib 1.2.2 Download

Mod: AcademyCraft 1.0.3 Download