Press Conference : We Are Ready

Welcome to the press conference of the Lambda Innovation! On behalf of Lambda Innovation, I, xiao6, wish to extend a warm welcome to you. The press conference will talk about our plans of AcademyCraft to be launched.

First of all, I want to apologize for our abrupt leave 2 years ago. During the past 2 years, most of us in LI have been facing pressure from real-life issues like studying and career. As a result, we can’t set aside much time to develop AC. We tried several times to restart developement, but we failed to adhere to our plans.

But time also makes us maturer. As what I write in a previous letter: Night is just prepared for a beautiful dawn. We have improved our skills in programming, designing and other fields. We are now better than what we were, and we believe we can make AC better than ever. We will bring you a revised and more intriguing experience in AcademyCraft in the days to come.

In the past 2 years, the major version of Minecraft have bumped all the way up to 1.12. Our first priority task is to leave the legacy version and update AC to the newest MC version. Apart from that, lots of refactor and code organization are in progress, most notably dropping Scala and converting all the code back to Java (Scala has caused a lot of headaches in our team cooperation). In AC v1.1, you should expect a refined experience in MC 1.12.

Well, someone may has questions like: ”Does it mean some features like Medicine System will be delayed or even canceled?” I can certainly tell you that the answer is no. When we paused development 2 years ago, the Medicine System was almost finished. And after finishing upgrading, improvement of Medicine System and other contents will come foremost. Gameplay enhancements and BUG fixes are also on our to-do list.

AC will be keeping open source on Github.

Finally, we decide to offer a way for people to donate us via patreon. Those who have donated us will be rewarded with knowing what will add to the mod in advance, or getting beta version of the mod. If you want to know more about donation, please go to Donate page .

If you have suggestions and questions, you can send an e-mail to our feedback mailbox, we will write back to you as soon as possible. You can also open an issue on Github to describe your problems or suggestions. If you want to know more about connecting us, please go to About page.

That’s the end of today’s press conference, thank you very much. I’m xiao6 from Lambda Innovation. See you next time!