AcademyCraft 1.0.7

This update will (hopefully) be the last version of 1.7.10. Later updates will focus on newer MC versions.


  • The higher proficiency of Scatter Bomb is, the more light ball can aim target automatically.
  • Direct Shock will be accompanied by accurate collection when it’s proficiency is full.
  • Remove version check.
  • Add new machine: Ability Interferer Block.


  • The indicator doesn’t disappear when Penetration Teleport proficiency is near full.
  • Optimized some poor English and Japanese translations.
  • Sometimes blocks ahead will not be destroyed.
  • Typing issue /kill in Vector Deviation/Reflect will fill its proficiency.
  • Wrong energy and other data display in machine.
  • HUD won’t disappear when using Body Intensify and overloaded.


Required Forge version: or higher

Dependency: LambdaLib 1.2.3 Download

Mod: AcademyCraft 1.0.7 Download
19/04/08 update: Fix the problem that wrong versions of mods will be downloaded through links above.