Progress Report, 2018 July

Hi, this is xiao6 from Lambda Innovation. It’s been about a month since the last project status report, and I guess you are eager to know more about our development progress. Apart from upgrading the mod, we have also made lots of improvements to our website (which you should have already seen). I will give a status report on all that we have done this month in the following text 😛

On Mod Upgrading

It’s not an easy job upgrading an mod from 1.7.10 to 1.12, especially for a big project with tens of thousands lines of codes. Last month we mainly did:

  1. Organize code of LambdaLib2 (which AC depends heavily on)
  2. Try to fix tons of compilation error in each source file, and discover what major changes in MC codebase we have to adapt to

There are lots of major code changes during years of MC development, e.g. the introduction of blockstates json and model json. The complete new rendering method and countless minor changes also are obstacles to overcome. All of those forces us to rethink about how to organize such a large codebase as AcademyCraft.

Currently, we have finished upgrading LambdaLib2, and is focusing on fixing AcademyCraft’s errors, which dropped from 3000+ to 1400 last month (still a lot I guess), next we will focus heavily on major MC feature changes, such as blockstates json and rendering system.

We can’t nail a concrete release date yet, so the best answer to ‘when’ is ‘when it’s done’. We will do it as fast as possible, but will not sacrifice stability for speed.

As always, you can follow our code update through our GitHub.

On Website

We also made major improvements to AC’s official website, to better showcase the project, and give better layout for most important info (news, dev progress, etc.).

If there is any problem you find or suggestions you want to give us, you can reach out to us via

That’s all for the progress report this time. Thank you for your support to AcademyCraft, and see you next time!