Progress Press,August

Hi there! Is’s already September now and we think it would be good to have a simple write-up on what we’ve done in AcademyCraft the past month.

Progress Overview

Last month we have been working hard still on migrating the mod to 1.12, and we’ve been making a really good progress. The most obvious metric is probably compile errors in the project, which dropped down from 3000+ to 200+.

To be honest, migrating to 1.12 is not the most pleasant programming work, and it made us scrach our heads a lot. The APIs change everywhere, from small tweaks (e.g. renaming Vec3 to Vec3d and remove lots of helper methods) to large changes (e.g. Introduction of blockstates and json model format), there really ARE a lot of stuffs to adapt to.

And yet luckily the work is almost done for now. Having tackled json, obj rendering, new recipes, cross-mod support, entities, items, blocks and many others, all that remains that stops the compilation is just items’ and blocks’ rendering. After that, we can finally transit to internal testing stages, and go all the way towards releasing the mod for 1.12.

We plan to work really quick this month, and try our best to meet the schedule of entering internal testing before October. That way we can start delivering beta versions just in October.

About Beta Testing

If you supported us on patreon in ‘Beta Player’ tier, you will have access to beta builds of AcademyCraft.We will give a link to beta builds as soon as it is ready, so stay tuned. If you are patreon in previous months and have already unsubscribed at that time, we’ll still PM you the link.

supported us on patreon

Finally, we also promised access to patreon-exclusive post updates. There are lots of topics that we want to expand on, and from now on we plan to start updating those posts at least once a month. If there’s anything you’d like to see, e.g. design process, programming details, etc. in patreon, please let us know.

Best Regards!

Lambda Innovation