Review of September: It Worked!

Hi all! This progress report is a little bit of late and sorry about that >_< Here’s what’s up with our projects the past month:

For AcademyCraft, we are making a big leap forward: All compilation errors have finally been fixed! This means we can already start the MC and see AcademyCraft running (though not all features are working properly), just like:


And that really give us a lot of motivation! Now we can have a checklist on individual features and test stuffs base on that thoroughly.

Right now, the remain problems lie mostly in rendering (especially rendering of blocks and entities). The way MC approaches rendering is a lot different now than 1.7.10, so there are lot to cope to.

We think it is a proper time to enter crunch mode! There is no reason not to finish the work as soon as possible. We plan to finish closed testing in October, and start open beta stage before November. That means that we can finally deliver the Beta versions to you next month! (If not this) We’ll stay focused on the project and tell you whenever its ready.

During upgrading the mod in previous months, there are many points that are technologically interesting for us. One of which is a data-driven block/item configuration system called xconf we created, which allows us to write what blocks/items in the mod are there in a large configuration file, and generate all the associated files that MC requires. We’d like to share this little useful tool in detail and how it simplified our workflow in a future post on patreon. More related interesting stuffs will also come up in the future. Stay tuned!

At last, a picture of a cat inspecting our work: