Beta is Coming! Updates of November

Hi everyone, and it’s time for our monthly progress report.


In the last month, we gradually fixed most major bugs in AC, namely:


  • Fix all the rendering and usage of blocks & items
  • Fix all the rendering and usage of GUIs
  • Fix errors of rendering of entities & SFXs
  • Redesign of advancements (former achievements)

And the problems that remain are:


  • Some rendering glitches of ability SFXs
  • Stability problem when mod is running in server

After we have fixed all the major problems, we can officially enter beta testing stage, to release the beta builds for all the patreons. We plan to start start beta in end of November.


So, less words and more pics, here’s some features we’ve revived now in MC 1.12:



And the newly designed advancement system:



That’s all the update for this month. Thanks for your support! 😛