Into Beta! Review of November & December

Hi guys, it’s already late into December, so I think it would be better to merge two months’ review into one, sorry for being lazy >_<


The last 1.x month has been super productive for us. We have fixed all the game-breaking bugs and ready for beta! If you are one of our beta players, just join our discord server and start trying the mod already.


In next month we will work closely with beta player to fix and improve the mod, eliminating more bugs. Once the mod is reaching a stable stage, we will release the mod for everyone to play.


A detailed breakdown of what we’ve done in prev 2 months:


Tons of bugfixes



In 1.1.0, there is a total of 271 commits to the code, which is about 14.3% in all AC’s code history. The amount of work is much larger than what we’ve thought. Glad it’s done now!


Assembling the QA Team


We are intergrating a QA Testing phase into our active developement process. QA is responsible for testing and providing feedbacks for a feature, during developement. That means for every feature that we develop, a QA member will play it through, find bugs and provide quick feedbacks. This process will allows to make new features with higher quality and less bugs.


During 1.1.0, the QA team has done a complete scan through all the features in AC, issuing and helping programmers fix hundreds of bugs.


Developing with Community


In previous versions, we haven’t be paying much attention to community. We design and code as we like, and deliver new versions at very long interval (4-5 months or even one year), which I’d say is not very heathy.


From now on, we wish to develop the mod with a more community-focused approach, listening more to what all the players with to have, while maintaing a steady pace of development. We are opening a discord channel to provide a central hub for discussion. If there are anything you would like to tell us, do tell us there!


After 1.1.0 released, we hope to create a stable developement cycle, releasing a major build about every 2 or 3 months. We’ll see more about that soon.


What’s Next?


In next month, we will work closely with beta testers to test the mod and fix most of the remaining bugs. That might take a few week, then we will release the 1.1.0 version.


We are also planning for new features in future versions. For now we think of completing the Medicine system we planned long long ago, and add some ESPer-related monsters, to give your skills more place to use. Please tell us what you are excited about!